We can recommend the work and talents of Magdalena Mrvova without reservation. Magda has worked to satisfy a variety of challenging textile packaging problems with us since June 2014. We know that in principle, many of the requirements we put before Magda are simple, but that in practice, for manufacture, will become complex. Often, we provide Magda with the product(s), an outline description of requirements and an openended commitment that she will determine the best solution; present samples for review and costings for production; we rely upon her skills and have nothing but praise for her work. Our customers set our benchmark and to date, across many designs and hundreds of articles, our externally validated ISO 9001:2015 quality management system evidences nil returns of goods supplied by Magda; a credit to her dedication. Though not essential, it wouldn’t be an honest appreciation if we didn’t also add that working with Magda is always a pleasure; her enthusiasm and spirit are a tonic