Sewing workshops & sewing holidays extra deals

Special offers for those coming to sewing workshops or sewing holidays. Not only you will learn how to sew but you also get some discounts on selected products that can be useful to you. Here are the offers! Hope you find them helpful.


Swedish tracing paper

A soft and translucent paper, resistant to tear but easy to see through, making it excellent for copying the detail from existing patterns.

10% discount code for  Swedish tracing paper. This is great for tracing patterns when you want to keep it a bit longer. Instead of cutting it out, you can trace it. This way, You can use the pattern again to use it either for smaller or bigger size later on. Some of us know well, how easy it is from year to year have different size of clothing. Believe me, it comes handy to be able to remake your favourite piece of clothing that bit bigger or smaller (usually bigger in my case)



SEW OVER IT sewing patterns


you get 30% off these vintage sewing patterns when you take any of our sewing classes. Even patterns you want to use later on alone! Any notions necessary for these patterns will be also available to purchase (such as threads, zips, elastics, stay in tapes, interfacings)








Sewing kit with shopping cotton bag for only £15

You also get 2 of desired coloured cotton (1000m each), bobbin case (without bobbins as they need to fit your machine), snips and magnetic cushion.

You can also purchase sewing needles, pins, seam rippers and cutting shears for fabric during the lesson (please bring cash for these as I don’t have card machine in place). If you need anything more specific for your projects, just tell me as I may have it in my workroom or can source it prior the lesson. If I cant source, I can definitely point you in the right direction. I only recommend and sell items I use myself.