Reusable cotton fabric face masks with antibacterial lining and elastic ear ties and nose wire – one size



ONE SIZE: approx. 19cm x 8cm when folded. Unfolded it opens up (between top of nose to under chin) 

Materials used: 100% Premium Cotton (Oeko-Tex Standard 100), 100% cotton poplin or organic cotton | 125gsm  and lined with 95% Trevira Bioactive, 5% Spandex or 93% Trevira Bioactive, 7% Spandex (The lining used is the new active fibre Protect Me Shield Trevira Bioactive from Albstoffe is permanently equipped with melted silver ions that do not wash out and whose effect remains constant. These silver ions prevent the growth of microorganisms and bacteria.) Please note this is not antiviral material.

These are made from 100% certified cotton and antibacterial jersey lining.  All the masks come with elastic you tie behind your ears to fit your face. It is not advised for small children to wear them. If you require a size for younger than 8 year old please get in touch via email. THESE MASKS COULD BE WORN LITTLE LONGER THAN PURE COTTON MASKS AS YOU SHOULD NOT SWEAT IN THEM AS MUCH DUE TO ANTIBACTERIAL LINING PROPERTIES.

They are lined and have an opening to insert additional filter material for extra protection (this is not included with the mask). You need to wash the mask at high temperature after each use and when in use, please DO NOT TOUCH IT until you take it off, and put straight into hot water with soap when you get back home. HAND WASH AT 60 degrees C.

As a filter you can use non-woven materials (corovin cloth, interfacing but even dried baby wipe or tissue paper and you can use more layers if the material is too thin)  but make sure you BIN IT after each use and replace it. Note: Respirator and medical mask filters are typically composed of mats of non-woven fibrous materials, such as wool felt, fiberglass paper, or polypropylene.

Links to some suitable filter materials: this one is used inside medical masks – Melt-blown non-woven material or you can use non-woven S13 heavy sew-in Vilene interfacing or Dipril material

You should wear them to keep the tiny droplets expelled in breath or coughs from landing on surfaces that could be touched by others or as a reminder to not touch your face. This type of masks is useful when you go shopping for example, use only for shorter period of time, not all day. Wearing this type of masks for public is better than using precious medical masks that key workers need.

This is NOT a replacement for surgical or clinical masks! They are not clinically certified. They are for those wanting to do a little extra to minimise the spread of sprays from their mouths and noses.

These masks help to create a barrier from water droplets and dust and are a visible but attractive sign that your are doing your bit in protecting others and reduce risk for yourself.

Lots of people wear them incorrectly. Please make sure you do not fiddle with them, do not touch the outside once you are wearing it as this would pass droplets onto the fingers. Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitise before touching the mask.



  • This mask is to help to reduce spread of droplets between you and others.
  • Frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water is necessary.
  • You should still use 2m social distance in public where possible

These fabric masks should be washed at 60 degrees. You should also steam iron them but avoid ironing the elastic. Please note these masks cannot be returned or refunded.

Please contact me on to discuss any specific requirements.

Here is a rationale why even this type of mask can help a little:


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