10 Pack Of Activated Carbon Breathing Filters


The masks are sent 1st-class Royal Mail. 

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The activate carbon filters are made up of 5 filter layers further reducing the risk of harmful particles or allergens being inhaled.

Please note, this filter cannot be washed. Washing ruins the filter layers which results in less effective air filtering. Once the filter is sufficiently used, please throw away and replace. This ensures any harmful particles or allergens trapped in the filter from previous use do not get inhaled when used again. The filter size is about 12 x 8cm, which is compatible with most dust covers and easy to use or replace the original dust cover. Usage the activated carbon filter is perfect for gardening, running, cycling, travel, DIY, schools, and other outdoor activities etc.

Please Note: This is not medical grade equipment and, thus, should not be used in a medical setting.

Please also note that we cannot accept returns or carbon filters for hygiene reasons.



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