Curtain eyelet services

At the moment, we fit 25mm and 40mm diameter eyelets. These fit most standard poles. Cost per eyelet including the fitting is £1.50-£2.50 for 25mm and £3-£4 for 40mm. You need between 8-10 eyelets per width of curtain. Remember, making up of curtains is on top of eyelet fitting. Please enquire for further information. Metal eyelets are significantly stronger and more robust than the plastic eyelets. This means that there is no danger of the eyelet coming apart once fitted.

If you wish to have eyelets fitted into existing curtains please enquire to see what is possible as in some cases it might not be or might require further work to the curtains which could involve shortening in order to prepare them for eyelet fitting.

We also source curtain poles that are suitable for eyelets but also other poles and tracks.

This is the current range of quality metal eyelets that we fit. Please note that as these are photographs and the colour match may not be exact.