New help in the workshop

10649956_696537047102130_4999513265826021586_nI would like to welcome Katrin, young student from Germany that is going to help me for few weeks in my workshop. It is so much nicer to have company when working and also great to have some help when time are very busy.

Also, I have started my official teaching qualification in college to expand my teaching into more academic establishments and also to be able to teach absolutely anyone in the future, including vulnerable people. Fingers crossed I will manage to juggle work and study and more work.

During October, I will manage to do all work much faster than usual as I am having Katrin with me, so if you need anything done, its now the time to get it done 🙂 Please note due to amount of work and lack of space, I am only taking appointments (to avoid people wait in the corridor) You can make appointment by using either email or call me on 07701022640.