Sewing machines

1816You would love learning how to sew but don’t have a sewing machine and have no idea what machine to go for? It can be very daunting at first. Choice of the machine depends on what you plan sewing in long term and how often you want to sew. General advice I give is choose the budget first, then look for machines that are suitable for those jobs. General rule, look for a solid machine that can handle materials you want to use, machine that allows you to adjust tension, that has free arm, differential pressure foot and one step button holes (if you want to use it quite a lot, it really helps and speeds up your jobs) and being able to adjust needle position left,right,center also really helps. Those are only very basics when you make your choice. It is not always necessary to go for all singing dancing machines, its important to keep he cost reasonable when you start as you don’t know yet how passionate you get about it until you do it but dont go too cheap either because it can also discourage you if you chose the machine not suitable for your jobs. I suggest you get an advice, don’t rely only on what is on the internet in marketing videos or manufacturers websites. I highly recommend this company (please mention my name or my company name when ordering, they are very happy to give you advice and you generally offer great service)