Dressmaking for beginners


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Saturday 4/6/15 (10am-3pm)

Level: Beginners/Intermediate

Bring your own pattern and material and make something for yourself or someone else. In this workshop you will learn everything you need to know to start making your own clothes. You will learn about different fabrics, how to prepare them, how to trace a pattern, how to cut fabric and make your own outfit – or for someone else. I have few simple patterns available to use but you might prefer to bring your own. Please be careful when buying patterns and always check measurements at the back match your sizes (dont go by your dress size you usually buy but by your own measurements)

You need to know how to use your sewing machine already and have some basic sewing knowledge. Our Beginners workshop is recommended first.

To bring: your sewing machine, thread, shears, pins, Tracing material if using patterns available here, material of your choice (2-2.5m) – cotton, linen, polycotton, corduroy, denim or other medium light fabrics are recommended. As this will be your first project, please avoid tricky materials such as lace, jersey and silk and chiffon, satin etc. Also bring either buttons or a zip. If you bring your own pattern, please make sure it matches your sewing level, don’t chose too complicated one for the first project, it can be discouraging. Suggested items to make are skirt, top, simple trousers or simple dress.

Provided: tea, coffee, biscuits

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4/6 (10am-3pm)


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