Bespoke curtains

When having curtains made it is important to have an idea of what headings you would like. See below examples of double pleat, tripple pleat, cartridge and goblet headings. Curtains can have decorative edges from contrasting fabric, buttons can be used to decorate the bottom of the pleats. We help you to choose the right headings for your curtains, if you are not sure what would suit your window treatment and your material.

We make curtains to measure with any heading and finish you wish. You can supply your own fabric or we can direct you where to get some. Curtains can me unlined, lined, interlined, machine stitched or hand sewn. We can also supply curtains with metal eyelets of 25mm or 40mm of size but it is possible to make them bigger too if necessary.

tripple pleat triple pleat curtain double pleat curtain DSC_5917 goblet curtain heading