Sewing machine buyer’s guide



Is the sewing machine for a beginner or for someone more experienced? Beginners will probably need an inexpensive machine with a range of basic stitches, while an experienced sewing may require many more features.


What type of sewing will the machine be used for? Dressmaking, home furnishings, repairs and alterations, upholstery, crafts, quilting or all of these? Look for the term “free arm” which will make sewing sleeves and trouser legs easier. Long arm models will help with bigger projects such as quilts and bridal wear. For crafts and quilting you will need a machine with a wider range of stitches. For upholstery look for a machine capable of heavy duty use. For a professional finish to your sewing you will find an overlocker invaluable to complement your sewing machine.

Frequency of use

How often will the machine be used? If a machine is only for occasional use such as mending, or light sewing a more basic model may be suitable. For regular sewing and where stitch variety is needed choose one with a larger range of stitches and features.


Will it need to be packed up and put away after each use or maybe transported to a class? Machines vary from around 7kg to over 12kg.

Product quality

It is important that you choose a machine that will give you many years of good service. At SEWANSOME we love refurbished old machines that are very solid, whole body is made of metal. They were really made to last and can sew much thicker materials than any domestic machine. The downside is the weight of these machines and it has only straight stitch. But they are much cheaper, last much longer and are perfect for home furnishing sewing.

If you are interested in refurbished sewing machines get in touch here.